Tucson Update: Part I

by undoingborders

AZ Postcard2Our first event in Tucson, was held on Sunday evening at Southside Presbyterian Church.  South Side & its pastor, John Fife, is known for its central role in the Sanctuary Movement of the 1980s.  During the Sanctuary Movement, churches and volunteers supported Salvadorian and Guatemalan refugees fleeing U.S.-supported death squads in their home countries. In 1986, Rev. John Fife and seven others were convicted of violating federal immigration laws and served five years probation.  Many of those involved in the movement in the 1980s, including Rev. Fife and other members of South Side Church, helped to form No More Deaths, a humanitarian aid organization that we met with on Monday.  That post it coming soon!

Thanks to Raul Alcaraz-Ochoa from Corazón de Tucson for helping us set up the event. Corazón de Tucson is  a group of families and community members organizing in Tucson around the banner “la dignidad no tiene fronteras.”  They organize home-based gatherings with friends, neighbors and family members to do know-your-rights trainings, political education, and to strengthen a “network of protection,” and they put together events ranging from Dia de Los Muertos to “Pachangas Por La Dignidad Humana.”

To everyone’s surprise, over 50 people arrived with plenty of good eats to share and while to some we seemed to be a group of fairly-like minded people coming together, to others our differences appeared simultaneously stark and exciting.

Another post from our time in Tucson is on it’s way soon.